West Students Achieve at Youth & Government in Austin

For the second consecutive year, the Youth and Government program at CMS West, led by social studies teacher David Norman, has the most participants in the state of Texas with more than 100 members. Many awards and achievements were reached by the group during its recent state competition at the Capitol in Austin. In addition, the YMCA Dallas is recognizing Mr. Norman with its Volunteer of the Award for his work with the Youth and Government program, which is co-sponsored with the YMCA. Congratulations Mr. Norman and the CMS West Youth and Government team! These are the CMS West state Youth and Government student medal winners: Duran Council Distinguished Delegate - Isabella Gore, 6th grade Distinguished Delegates - Thomas Gao, 6th grade, Shriya Balaji, 6th grade and Krishiv Anand 6th grade. Duran House of Representatives Distinguished Delegate - Aryan Bansal, 7th grade House of Representatives Distinguished Delegate - Kavya Sree Mandalapu, 7th grade The Senate Distinguished Delegate - Emmanuel Roy, 8th grade State Affairs Distinguished Delegate - Ansh Jarmarwala, 7th grade State Distinguished Delegates - Arjun Krishnan, 7th grade; Anika Sinha, 8th grade; Samyutha Talagadadeevi, 7th grade; Aayush Verma 8th grade; and Pratham Agarwal, 8th grade. Outstanding Proposals - Ansh Jarmarwala and Arjun Krishnan, 7th grade; and Enaika Kishnani and Anusha Narway, 7th grade. Outstanding Bills -Yashitha Chunduru, 6th grade Outstanding Chair and Clerk Team - Reema Nannapaneni, 8th grade; and Ellen Jitcho, 8th grade. Outstanding Statesman (highest award in Youth State Government) - Akhil Sankar, 7th grade. Elected to Speaker of the House - Ethan Rebello, 7th grade Elected Governor of the State of Texas - Diya Hegde, 7th grade.

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