Due: 12/3


Background:  Single Track schools have the option to select either January 10, 2022 or June 10, 2022 as their Spring Pupil-free Day for the 2021-22 school year.  Schools confirmed their Pupil-free Day selection in the online bell schedule system.  MiSiS currently reflects the board-approved calendar with January 10 as the Pupil-free Day for all Single Track schools; however, MiSiS calendars will be updated before the winter break to reflect actual school selections as indicated in the schools' online bell schedules.

Action Required:

1.  Using the Principal Portal, log into the Bell Schedule system and check your school’s pupil-free day selection.

2.  If the pupil-free day on the bell schedule calendar is correct, then no further action is needed.

3.  If school would like to switch their pupil-free day from January 10 to June 10 or vice versa, then follow the steps below:

     a.  Click on the following link to access the Pupil-Free Day Change Request FY 2021-22 form:   https://bit.ly/PupilFreeDayRequest22

     b.  Complete the form and submit by Friday, December 3, 2021 Tuesday, November 30, 2021   

     c.  Check the MiSiS calendar on December 17 to make sure that the pupil-free day you selected is shown as a non-school day. 

     d.  Ensure that Meeting Patterns are updated accordingly, and that teacher and student sections reflect accurate dates.


The bell schedule calendars of schools requesting a pupil-free day change will be programmatically updated without requiring re-certification of the bell schedules.  Submission of the completed Pupil-Free Day Change Request FY 2021-22 form will serve as confirmation and re-certification of the pupil-free day selection.  Bell schedules that are not certified prior to this update will need to be certified after the update.


Sample Scenario:  A school’s current pupil-free day selection is January 10 and June 10 is scheduled as a Minimum Day.  If school submits a request to switch their pupil-free day, the bell schedule system will update the bell schedule calendar to reflect June 10 as Pupil-free Day and January 10 as Minimum Day. By doing so, the annual instructional minutes of the school will not be impacted.  


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